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Innovative Venture Capital Program to Bring Millions of Dollars to Rural Missouri; CAPCO Program

The Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) Program helps bring prosperity to the agricultural business in rural Missouri:

The Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) program, a highly successful economic development initiative aimed at creating jobs and fueling entrepreneurial activity in Missouri, could bring $25 million in venture capital funding to the state’s rural and agricultural communities. The program was first adopted in 1997 and is up for renewal in the state legislature.

Senator Joe Maxwell, (D – Mexico), joined by Senator Franc Flotron (R-St. Louis), Representative Catherine Hanaway (R-St. Louis) and Representative May Scheve (D-Affton), has introduced legislation this year to expand the CAPCO program for an additional $10 million dollars a year for ten years. As part of the deal, $25 million of the bill’s total $100 million would be designated for Missouri rural, agricultural businesses.

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State Venture Capital Incentives Drive Success for Missouri Entrepreneurs

St. Louis Commerce Magazine reports that Advantage Capital Partners is contributing to the success of Missouri entrepreneurs through the CAPCO programs:

Among the valuable results of the annual InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum is a wide range of partnerships, projects, exchange of ideas, information and opportunities among entrepreneurs, funding entities and public-sector economic development leaders.

Advantage Capital Partners, an InvestMidwest sponsor since the Forum’s inception, believes the current difficult state of the economy underscores the importance of public/private partnerships for states and communities that want to achieve aggressive economic development goals.

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