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Program Offers $200 Million to Small Texas Firms

This article from The Chamber Report announced that $200 million will become available to small Texas businesses through the CAPCO program.  The Chamber’s Technology Business Council strongly believe it will increase business successes in Texas:

When the 78th Legislature passed legislation authorizing state-certified venture capital companies, a.k.a. CAPCOs, the Chamber’s Technology Business Council (TBC) applauded.

The TBC has supported funding for all stages of business development, particularly early investment funding for companies in North Texas. The council and the regional life sciences alliance, BioDFW, host a monthly breakfast series on technology issues. Stonehenge Capital Company LLC and Advantage Capital Partners discussed the Texas CAPCO Program at the BioDFW Breakfast Series in October. Both investment firms will be CAPCO investors in 2005.

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A Capital Idea: The New Texas CAPCO Program

Paul Ballard and Byron Beasley discuss in-depth the Texas CAPCO Program and its benefits in Texas Business Review:

As the Texas economy continues its expansion from the 2001 recession, the need for seed and growth capital for young companies is intense. Unfortunately, venture capital funds and angel investors are often the only sources of funds for entrepreneurs. In the aftermath of the “dot-com” boom and bust, venture funds are much more risk-averse than they were a decade ago. The result is an enormous need for capital among startup companies in Texas that otherwise have few funding options.

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New Texas CAPCO Fund to Encourage Small Business Growth; Advantage Capital Partners Raises $23 Million Fund

Under the Texas CAPCO program, Advantage Capital Partners raised  millions of dollars to be invested in small businesses that meet certain criteria:

AUSTIN, Texas — Advantage Capital Partners has raised approximately $23 million under the Texas Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) program for investment in qualified small businesses.

“We look forward to investing in promising companies with solid growth prospects, companies that will create jobs and increase demand for goods and services from other local businesses,” said Steven T. Stull, Advantage’s president. “Experience in several states around the nation has shown that CAPCO investments attract additional venture capital dollars from outside the area to support entrepreneurs and their businesses, resulting in a more diverse and stronger local economy.”

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CAPCO Programs Offer Tax Credits to Attract Venture Capital for Small Business

The Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives discusses in-depth the importance of CAPCO programs and its success in economic development:

The “certified capital company” (CAPCO) program provides a framework for states to foster local entrepreneurship and lends itself to modifications in response to industry trends, thus giving states a new tool with which to address the priorities of the small-business sector and the states own economic development goals.

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Advantage Capital Provides $3.15 Million Texas CAPCO Funding to Current Solutions, LLC

Current Solutions, LLC has a great opportunity to grow and expand as a result of the financing provided by Advantage Capital Partners under the Texas CAPCO program:

Advantage Capital Partners, a leading venture capital and small business finance firm, has provided $3.15 million in financing to Current Solutions, LLC, a wholesale distributor of electrotherapy devices and accessories to medical supply organizations throughout the United States and Canada. The funding, made in connection with the Texas Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) program, enabled Current Solutions to acquire Koalaty Products, Inc. and will support the company’s move from Tampa, Fla. to Austin, Texas.

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