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Best of Madison Business 2012: Poised to Break Through

Virent, a Wisconsin CAPCO program company, and its CEO Lee Edwards are highlighted in the Best of Madison Business winners list.  The winners included companies that have made discoveries that will change the way we live.

Virent: Lee Edwards, President & CEO

Scientists and inventors have been chasing this idea throughout history: making something out of nothing, or if not nothing at least something most of us don’t want or need. Virent’s breakthrough BioForming technology transforms soluble plant sugars from corn stover and pine tree materials into hydrocarbon molecules similar to those produced at a petroleum refinery.  Grass to gasoline, or something like that. The renewable hydrocarbons can be blended seamlessly to make gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.

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Newtek Business Services, Inc. Completes All Requirements in Alabama Certified Capital Company Program

Wilshire Alabama Partners recently received a CAPCO program investment:

Newtek Business Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: NEWT), The Small Business Authority, announced that its Certified Capital Company (Capco) subsidiary operating in Alabama, Wilshire Alabama Partners, LLC, has received from the State of Alabama official confirmation that it has completed all investment and other requirements under the program and is no longer subject to supervision or regulation because the CAPCO invested 100% of its certified capital in qualified businesses operating in Alabama.  The Company will meet on going reporting requirements and plans to explore the steps for the liquidation and dissolution of the entity.  The Company has now fully satisfied its regulatory obligations in three of the eight jurisdictions in which it has participated.

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Momentum Telecom Adds ‘Momentum’ to Website Features, Secures CAPCO Funds

Momentum Telecom, based in Alabama, recently received an investment through the CAPCO Program:

For those of us who may have once asked the age-old question, “What’s in a name?” there’s one company in particular that would probably respond, “A whole lot.”

For Momentum Telecom, a leading provider of business solutions for cloud-based communications, the first word in its name, “momentum,” is what defines the company as a one-stop-shop for customers’ business communications needs.

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Legislators Should Act to Create Jobs Here

Jason R. Smith wrote an opinion article for the Journal Sentinel in Wisconsin discussing his reasons for supporting the CAPCO program:

The venture capital industry is misunderstood and misperceived. While some think of the industry as a bunch of youngsters playing fast and loose with ideas and millions of dollars, venture capitalists have, in fact, created some of the world’s giant job creators – companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

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WisBusiness: Other States Looking at Wisconsin’s Biofuels Industry

Virent, a CAPCO program portfolio company, doesn’t plan to leave Wisconsin:

Wisconsin has been a good place to start an innovative biofuels business, but competition from other states for the chance to build the first plants could draw away the industry, Virent Energy Systems CEO Lee Edwards says.

But he says Virent isn’t leaving.

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DOE Drops $12 Million On Drop-In Biofuels

Virent Energy Systems, a CAPCO program company located in Madison, Wisc., will receive up to $4 million of the $12 million from the DOE:

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced awards totaling $12 million to support the development of “drop-in” biofuel technologies. Drop-in biofuels are fuels that can serve as direct replacements or supplements to existing gasoline, diesel and jet fuels without any changes to existing fuel distribution networks or engines. The DOE thinks these fuels have the potential to significantly reduce U.S. reliance on oil imports. We’ve seen the military extensively exploring their use.

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Virent Project Wins Federal Funding

Check out the exciting news for Virent, a Wisconsin CAPCO program company:

Virent Energy Systems Inc. was awarded up to $4 million on Tuesday for a project to accelerate the development of drop-in biofuels as well as bio-based chemicals.

Virent’s was one of three small-scale projects awarded funding by the Department of Energy, the agency announced.
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Virent’s Biofuels Process Wins More Research Funds

Check out this article published on JS Online about one of Wisconsin’s CAPCO Program companies – Virent:

Madison-based Virent Energy on Monday was one of two companies selected to proceed with additional research and development of “drop-in” biofuels.

The National Advanced Biofuels Consortium was funding six different technological processes that are being developed to replace gasoline, diesel and jet fuels, and is now moving forward with a second phase of research.

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Washington DC CAPCO Program Enables Business Growth for agencyQ

agencyQ is the latest company receiving an investment through the DC CAPCO program from Advantage Capital Partners:

Advantage Capital Partners, a leading venture capital and small business finance firm, has invested $1.6 million in agencyQ, Inc., an interactive technology services firm based in Washington, D.C. The funds, raised in connection with the District’s Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) Program, will enable the company to continue to grow and create additional high-tech jobs in the D.C. area.
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Green Bottle Gets a Boost From New Plant-Based PET

Virent, a CAPCO Program portfolio company in Wisconsin, is creating a feedstock made from plant-based sugars:

The search for a fully renewable PET drinks bottle has moved a step closer with the development of a PET feedstock from plant sugars.

By using its own catalytic process, the US-based company Virent has created paraxylene (PX), a new feedstock created entirely from plant-based sugars.
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