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Small Businesses Thrive with the Texas Certified Capital Company Program

Texas CAPCO program began in 2005:

To improve access to much needed capital for small and early stage businesses in the State, the Texas Legislature approved legislation (in 2005 and reauthorized in 2007) to target investment in small and early stage companies. The Texas CAPCO Act provides $200 million of investment capital for businesses located in the State. A portion of the investment is targeted to a Strategic Investment Area, which is a county that receives special investment status for the CAPCO Program and other programs as well. A low-income community receives special status for the CAPCO Program and for federal programs.

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State Of New Yorks Proven CAPCO Program Gets $60 Million Boost For Small Businesses

The CAPCO program in New York received additional funds:

Reaffirming the strong economic performance of New Yorks Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) program, state lawmakers recently authorized an additional $60 million in tax credits to provide investment stimulus to small businesses across the state.

The renewal of the CAPCO program, the fourth authorization by the New York State Legislature, brings to $340 million the amount of funds authorized by the State of New York.

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New Texas CAPCO Fund – Advantage Capital Partners

Under the Texas CAPCO program, Advantage Capital Partners has made millions of dollars available to local businesses:

Advantage Capital Partners has raised approximately $23 million under the Texas Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) program for investment in qualified small businesses.

To manage the new Texas fund, Advantage has established an office in northwest Austin led by Timothy Cockshutt, managing director, and Damon Rawie, principal.

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