Small Businesses Thrive with the Texas Certified Capital Company Program

Texas CAPCO program began in 2005:

To improve access to much needed capital for small and early stage businesses in the State, the Texas Legislature approved legislation (in 2005 and reauthorized in 2007) to target investment in small and early stage companies. The Texas CAPCO Act provides $200 million of investment capital for businesses located in the State. A portion of the investment is targeted to a Strategic Investment Area, which is a county that receives special investment status for the CAPCO Program and other programs as well. A low-income community receives special status for the CAPCO Program and for federal programs.

CAPCO’s earn tax credits by raising large sums of capital to invest in targeted businesses. A CAPCO must meet certain investment criteria and timeframe milestones, pay annual certification renewal fees to the Comptroller’s office and adhere to reporting and spending requirements. This results in tax revenues for the state through business growth and creation of high paying jobs. 

47 companies in Texas have received investments from the CAPCO program to date.

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