Momentum Telecom Adds ‘Momentum’ to Website Features, Secures CAPCO Funds

Momentum Telecom, based in Alabama, recently received an investment through the CAPCO Program:

For those of us who may have once asked the age-old question, “What’s in a name?” there’s one company in particular that would probably respond, “A whole lot.”

For Momentum Telecom, a leading provider of business solutions for cloud-based communications, the first word in its name, “momentum,” is what defines the company as a one-stop-shop for customers’ business communications needs.

Like many of its business solutions competitors, Momentum Telecom prides itself on innovative and easy-to-access features. In due fashion, the company has unveiled a brand-new, interactive and user-friendly website that allows users to customize their existing business solutions with just one click.

What Momentum Telecom is now touting as the “Momentum Difference,” the company’s brand-new website is not only engaging but offers its repertoire of VoIP customers the ability to manage the settings of all of their Virtual Phone (News – Alert) System features online, without the need for taking the time out of their busy schedule to contact a customer service agent for assistance. This easy-to-access online features management tool, called At-A-Glance, delivers an instant look at what features the user currently has on and off, and a one-step way to match up current features with the needs of their business.

In addition, Momentum Telecom’s new online hub comes packed with Online Feature Guides, an Online Payment portal, an array of industry-related guides to how the company’s services operate; customer testimonials; partner program descriptions for cable operators and municipalities, and VARs and MSPs; and access to the company’s all-new blog.

The company plans on also incorporating social media platforms into its day-to-day operations to maintain and open communication channel for customers to connect and provide instant feedback.

Meanwhile, Momentum Telecom recently announced that it secured Certified Capital Company Program (CAPCO) funds following its acquisition of CommPartners, which will now grant the company the ability to proceed with future acquisitions.

The Alabama-based CAPCO program will provide capital at a low interest rate, which Momentum will direct toward the acquisitions of more VoIP companies and their assets. Momentum’s next deal is currently in the early stages of development and will be supported by these CAPCO funds.

According to Momentum Telecom’s blog, CEO Alan Creighton expects these state-sanctioned funds to help the company continue its reign as a leader in the telecom and digital voice market.

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