Able Planet of Colorado to Unveil Cheaper Alternative to Hearing Aids

The Denver Post published some recent news on Able Planet, a CAPCO program portfolio company in Colorado:

Wheat Ridge-based headphone maker Able Planet, a regular at the International Consumer Electronics Show, unveiled a few dozen new products and prototypes at this year’s event, including noise-canceling earbuds.

But the one product that chief executive Kevin Semcken beamed about most had little to do with gadgets.

Semcken, whose background is in health care technology, said Able Planet is on the verge of launching a sound amplifier that will offer those with hearing loss a lower-priced alternative to hearing aids.

“We’re introducing personal amplification products under the trade name Personal Sound,” Semcken said. “Our Personal Sound products will outperform their hearing aids, and they’re going to be half the price.”

A pair of sound amplifiers will be available in March for $899, he said.

Perhaps the most striking feature on the initial product is the ability for users to lower or increase amplification by simply covering their ears for a couple of seconds.

“You change the pressure by putting your hand over your ear,” Semcken said.

The in-ear amplifiers will feature four different settings that users can select, depending on the situation they’re in, whether a private conversation or a noisy trade-show environment.

Personal Sound products will initially be available online, though Able Planet is in discussions with specialty retailers to offer them at brick-and-mortar locations.

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