Ceylinco Healthcare’s TomoTherapy Centre treats 50 patients in five months

Learn about the success of Ceylinco Healthcare Services TomoTherapy Centre since its opening in October.

Ceylinco Healthcare Services Ltd., the pioneer of cutting-edge technology in cancer treatment in Sri Lanka’s private healthcare sector, has announced that its new TomoTherapy Centre has treated 50 patients since its opening  in October last year.

Among the patients treated at the TomoTherapy Centre were six Maldivian nationals, demonstrating the potential for attracting patients from countries in the region for advanced radiation treatment, the centre said.

The TomoTherapy Centre is the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka and offers a new dimension in high precision image – guided radiation therapy for the treatment of many forms of cancer.

“The TomoTherapy Centre is performing above even our own expectations,” CHSL Chairman R. Renganathan said. “While our principal objective was to offer Sri Lankans the latest technology in radiation treatment in their own country, it is clear that the services of the centre will also benefit people in neighbouring countries.”

TomoTherapy is an integrated, advanced form of 3-dimentional image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Because a patient’s anatomy can change from day-to-day, image guided radiation therapy helps doctors make immediate adjustments to allow for tumour movement or shrinkage, weight loss and other changes.

The TomoTherapy system allows clinicians to see what they plan to treat immediately prior to beginning each treatment fraction and ensures that the tumour will not be under-dosed, and that radiation exposure to surrounding tissue will be minimised.

The TomoTherapy Centre is the second radiation oncology unit set up by Ceylinco Healthcare Services Ltd. (CHSL). It is equipped with the latest TomoHDTM   treatment system from Accuracy Inc. (USA), the global pioneer in the field of TomoTherapy. It operates alongside CHSL’s first radiation treatment unit, opened in September 2007 with Sri Lanka’s first Linear Accelerator (Linac).

Both radiation treatment facilities are located in close proximity, at Park Street, Colombo 2; the TomoTherapy Centre at No. 70, and the Linear Accelerator unit at No. 60.

Besides the two radiation treatment units, Ceylinco Healthcare Services owns and operates the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre and the Ceylinco Diabetes Centre, also at Park Street, Colombo 2, offering comprehensive screening, diagnostic services and medical care. In its first five years of operation, the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre dispensed more than 10,000 cancer treatments encompassing linear accelerator treatments, brachytherapy, radioactive iodine treatments and chemotherapy.

Source: Daily FT