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ArcMail Reports Banner Year, Achieves New Milestones in Enterprise Information Archiving in 2013

Here’s another CAPCO Program success story:

ArcMail Technologies, Inc. today announced it achieved a banner year in 2013, building upon its success with a 50 percent increase in customers since 2010. ArcMail reports that its award-winning archiving solutions are actively deployed by thousands of organizations across North America, providing scalable, flexible archiving that addresses critical e-discovery, compliance and information governance and search needs for businesses across a variety of markets.
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Venture Capital Fund Fills Void in Financing for Louisiana Startups

Companies that took advantage of the Capital Tax Credit Program agree that the Louisiana CAPCO Program should be re-instated:

When business leaders gathered Monday to announce the creation of a venture capital fund to help entrepreneurs at the very earliest stages of business development, they took a small step toward filling a funding gap that has persisted in New Orleans and Louisiana for decades.

‘We’ve gone from being like Estonia to people saying maybe this is the next major hot spot,’ said Matthew Wisdom, who founded the technology company TurboSquid in 2000.

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CAPCO is the Way to Go for Small Businesses!

Small businesses can turn to their local CAPCO programs for funding:

Fostering new businesses in your county (with their new tax revenue potential) is obviously a much better way to deal with state budget cutbacks and dwindling local revenues than increasing taxes or cutting services or both. And it doesn’t necessarily take a new automobile assembly plant in your community to turn the revenue slide.

For most counties, small businesses are the economic engines for their communities. The National Association of Small Business Owners reports that small businesses employ 51 percent of private sector workers; provide two-thirds to three-quarters of the new jobs; and represent 96 percent of all exporters of goods.

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Advantage Capital Invests in Louisiana’s Portico Learning Solutions

Through the CAPCO program in Louisiana, Advantage Capital Partners and Enhanced Capital Partners invest $1 million in Portico Learning Solutions:

BATON ROUGE, La., March 18, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Advantage Capital Partners, Enhanced Capital Partners, Louisiana Fund I and the Louisiana Technology Fund today announced participation in a $1 million funding round for Baton Rouge-based Portico Learning Solutions, a premier provider of custom e-Learning solutions. The company will use the funds to fulfill its working capital needs.

“The e-Learning market is a growing industry and we’re confident that Portico will continue to gain more traction in the marketplace with this latest round of funding,” said Lee Pryor, CEO of Portico Learning Solutions.

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Public-Private Collaboration Can Spur Economic Growth

The Louisiana Coalition for Capital makes its case for public-private collaboration through the CAPCO program to help the economy:

We have all heard the bad news.

The National Venture Capital Association reports that venture investing in early stage businesses is down 71% over the last 12 months. Most venture funds are reserving their capital for existing portfolio companies. Small business lines of credit are not being renewed by banks seeking to preserve liquidity. As credit is cut further, companies are forced to consider layoffs to stay in business. The result will be a sharp decline in 2009 in the number of companies funded, and very little of the federal stimulus package is expected to make its way to small business.

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Louisiana CAPCO Program Spurs Technology Job Growth in Shreveport

Through Louisiana’s CAPCO program, Advantage Capital Partners and the Louisiana Tech Fund invest $3 million in ArcMail Technology:

SHREVEPORT, La., Jan. 8, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Advantage Capital Partners, the Louisiana Technology Fund and other investors today announced participation in a $3 million funding round for ArcMail Technology, a leading provider of email archiving and management technology. The funding will be used to support the company’s marketing and product development needs.

“As email volume and storage problems continue to rise, effective message management becomes more critical,” said Todd Gates, president of ArcMail Technology. “The funding from our investors will allow us to grow our staff, fine tune our products and reach out to more customers in need of an email archive solution.”

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